What is a velomobile?

A velomobile is an aerodynamic, human powered vehicle. They’re made from light-weight materials and designed for comfort and efficiency.

A velomobile easily beating the Tour de France peloton

The Rotovelo is a type of velomobile made from HDPE using rotational molding, but other velomobiles are made from carbon fibre or fibreglass.

The frame of a velomobile puts the rider into a position similar to a recumbent bicycle, which makes it more supportive and comfortable, especially over long distances.

Why choose a velomobile?

  • More efficient than a bike
    The energy efficient, lightweight aerodynamic design means you can travel further with less effort than when using a standard bike.
  • Perfect for commuting
    An affordable way to commute to work, and much cheaper than an electric vehicle. And when it rains, you’ll be staying dry.
  • Zero emissions
    Help reduce car and diesel air pollution (such CO2 and NOX) in cities. When making travel choices, this is another way to reduce climate change and avoid personal greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Stay healthy
    Since velomobiles are powered in a similar way to bicycles, they’re a great way of getting exercise and staying healthy.
  • No significant ongoing costs
    Car tax, car insurance, petrol and NCT inspections will become a thing of the past. The design is very long lasting, robust, scratch proof, impact resistant plastic body and the components are easily replaceable bicycle parts.

Velomobiles in the news

Across Ireland by Velomobile: Duane Phillips travels the length of Ireland by velomobile—600km from Malin Head to Mizen Head—to raise money for the charity. 13 Feb 2020.
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