Rotovelo FAQs

What is a Rotovelo?

The Rotovelo is a type of velomobile which is a recumbent trike with a shell. The unique design of the Rotovelo shell makes it more durable, flexible and affordable than other velomobiles on the market.

How fast can the Rotovelo go?

This very much depends on the rider and the terrain. Early testing indicated that the aerodynamic design adds about 20-30 per cent to a rider’s performance when compared to a standard upright bicycle. The design also allows cyclists to comfortably maintain higher cruising speeds for longer distances.

How does the Rotovelo keep you dry?

The unique roto-molded shell protects the rider’s body from the elements. All Rotovelo’s come with an additional protective skin as standard, which hugs the rider’s shoulders keeping everything except the head covered.

For those chasing speed and who want full protection an additional Rotovelo Rain Hood can be purchased for €300. The rain hood is a fully enclosed, aerodynamic cover for the Rotovelo that keeps the rider completely dry in rainy conditions.

How is the Rotovelo constructed?

The Rotovelo body is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), one of the most versatile and durable plastic materials around. Having a tough and sturdy body means you can take and park the Rotovelo anywhere, knowing that a little bump or scrape will not impact the performance.

The body is also roto-molded, an efficient and more affordable manufacturing process which reduces the production time and makes the Rotovelo more affordable while maintaining the performance.

Is the Rotovelo adjustable for different riders?

Yes, the peddle positions can be adjusted forwards and backwards while the seat stays stationary.

Is there a maximum height or weight for riders?

The Rotovelo design allows for a wide range of heights and weights for riders.
Max height: approximately 193cm (6’4″)
Max weight: approximately 130kg

How do I secure my Rotovelo?

It’s easy to keep your Rotovelo secure using a standard bicycle locks. You can lock the Rotovelo to a pole or bike rack using a cable lock which goes through the side wheel.

Is there much luggage space?

The Rotovelo comes with 80 litres of luggage space with a roto-molded luggage compartment either side and overtop of the rear wheel. The durability, speed and generous luggage space also makes Rotovelo the perfect option for touring.

Are there lights on the Rotovelo?

Rotovelo comes as standard with LED front and rear lights. The battery and switch box is easily accessible from inside.

How do you indicate in a Rotovelo?

Rotovelo riders use their arms to indicate when they are turning, just like a bike. There is an option to order a new Rotovelo with indicator lights but these are not held in stock.

How easy is it to repair a flat tyre?

You can remove the front wheels using an 8mm hex key. The back wheel uses a quick-release system and can be taken out through the body of the Rotovelo.

Is the Rotovelo easy to maintain?

Yes, the Rotovelo’s components are in large part standard bicycle parts. The tyres, wheels, gears, chain and other parts that typically wear are all easy to service and replace as required.